Online Auctions

Here’s How Online Auctions Are Changing Antique Buying.

Online Auctions

In the past antique auctions meant a formal room, an auctioneer, the item, and a crowd of participants raising hands, shrugging, or calling in. The internet has introduced a new era for auctions. For the millennial and gen-z this is an incredible opportunity to grab their favourite antique.

Buying Antiques Online

Over 37% of persons who participate in online auctions do so from their mobile devices, a trend the industry is cashing in on. Big auction houses now organise online auctions to access new demographics, particularly 18 to 24-year-olds who constitute the bulk of mobile auction participants. Buying and selling antiques online has many other advantages. Firstly it is easier to spot and buy unique pieces and track down collectables such as toys, stamps, and coins.

Vintage buying is an eco-friendly way to shop, particularly in an era of upcycling. It is an easier and quicker way to sell unwanted items as sellers can attract a wider market. Quality concerns are being assuaged by auction houses that carry out detailed authentication processes before selling. The introduction of such high-level detail in online auctions is another reason behind their increasing popularity.

Fair Prices And Free Valuations

The surge in buyers seeking out online auctions for patronage is the opportunity for fairer prices. Increased sellers mean more competitive prices. Sellers also have a broader market to serve. Sellers can also reach out to auctioneers through sites like Barneby’s to get free valuations of their items. You can also go through our antique detectives’ guide on how to assess the worth of an antique before purchase.

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