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A Wide Array of Military Antiques

There are several types of military memorabilia to collect if you decide to venture into this niche, with each having a different historical and monetary value. Soldiers received antiques like medals, weapons, and insignia to recognise their bravery and sacrifice in the field. With these artefacts diminishing in number, their value is greatly increasing for those interested in them.

Collecting Military Memorabilia

Go for collectables with great value, like uniforms in superb condition adorned with insignia and accessories that show an officer’s rank, service, and awards. These require some research as you need to find out which insignia has more value. Weapons like guns and swords are also ideal as they appreciate yearly.

You can also collect and sell military medals from World War I and World War II, like the rarer Victoria Cross medals. Know the value of your medal by finding its originating story (this can even influence its value) and scouring auction houses for sales of similar medals. Broken medals or those with missing inscriptions and ribbons have less value, so look out for good-quality medals.


Your reasons for becoming a military and wartime collector would determine a lot. Whether you are looking to collect for history preservation and storytelling or sell and make cool cash, it is crucial to ascertain what military antiques are worth collecting. Join dedicated forums, get research materials, and network with other collectors.

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