Throne Chairs

Antique chairs as part of your living room furniture

Looking to give your home antique interiors an aesthetically appealing, balanced look? Combine modern and vintage items to create a unique look. With diverse textures, forms and designs, this method gives a special contrast to all areas. Here is a number of pointers for blending antique and modern chairs with panache.

Throne Chairs

The throne chair is a potentate’s or dignitary’s seat of governing, particularly the seat held on state occasions, by a sovereign; on ceremonial ones, by a pope or bishop. In a broader sense, “throne” can mean a Crown or the monarchy, which is a metonymy, for example, various idioms like “The throne behind power” can be used.

Vintage linens will give your living area a feeling of warmth and time. Carpet runners that are animal-printed, area rugs of shag-pile and Persian hand-knotted carpeting all give a splash of colour and contrast. To balance out vividly upholstered furniture, use earth-toned materials. Use a consistent colour scheme, recurring pattern, or comparable material to tie your various pieces together.

Antique Furniture

Antique chairs are defined by their age, rarity, condition, utility, or other distinguishing characteristics that make them a model piece of furniture and attractive collector’s item. Antique chair items reflect the style and characteristics of the period in which they were created and made; this is referred to as the antique’s “period.”

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