Best antiques to collect

Best antiques to collect - How to spot them

One thing antique fans know is that it is easy to go wrong when collecting antiquities. Often we end up paying above board for items that are not worth their price tags. Other times we end up with fakes or miss out on extremely valuable items. At Antique Detectives, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts in antique collection.

Antique collection dos and don’ts

Do not buy an antique without doing proper research. Do consider the age, quality, rarity, and significance of an antique before purchasing an item. Not all old items are antiques and not all antiques are significant enough to attract any real value. Most dud purchases are usually the product of poor research.

Furthermore, don’t buy antiques that possess signs of being fake. These signs include items with Philips screws, plywood, chipboard or staples. Apply the 100-year rule when valuing an item. Any item that seems to have been tempered with post-1930 is most likely a reproduced version. Although some reproduced items are antiques in their own right, the seller should clarify the nature of the item.

Follow your heart, use your head.

Usually, the best antiques to collect are those bought on pure instinct. However, this instinct is built on practice. So the advice for every newbie antique collector is to buy smart. Don’t go buying on gut instinct but do keep an open mind. Do go early to fairs and auctions. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty to find hidden gems. Finally, be willing to negotiate. It is easy for experienced to spot and try to stick it to a beginner. So never be scared to walk away.

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